I'm David Reed. I am a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Salesforce, where I work on the Cumulus Suite toolchain. Opinions expressed on this site are my own.

I have expertise in high-scale managed packaging, automation and CI/CD for Salesforce, and Salesforce platform development and architecture. I work in Python, Apex, JavaScript, and Rust.

My passions include teaching and technical evangelism, open source, science fiction, classical languages, and gardening. My background is in Ancient Greek and Platonic philosophy.

Contact Me

I love receiving notes, questions, and feedback; various methods of contacting me are shown in the sidebar.

As a Salesforce employee, I'm unable to provide private consulting, but I love speaking to community groups and conferences.

To preserve transparency and the community spirit of Salesforce Stack Exchange, where I'm an elected moderator, I ask that issues related to that community remain on Stack Exchange unless they specifically require private outreach.


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